Tampa Youth Basketball and SpaceIn a basketball game the offensive player wants to be able to create space so that they can run offense. A lot of times though Tampa Youth basketball players are not able to create the space that they need, so they resort to picking the basketball up and turning their back to the basket. It is almost impossible to run offense this way. Whether you are trying to create space out of the triple threat/pivot or are trying to do it with the dribble to break a 5 second count it is important to be able to do it. Here are a few tricks to creating space and allowing yourself to be a threat to score and run offense.

The first and probably most important tip is this, whether you are nervous or not don’t show it. If the defender senses that you are scared and don’t want the basketball in your hands then they are going to pressure you even more. Be strong with the basketball and play with confidence. Even if you turn the ball over move onto the next play and do your best not to do it again. Keep the basketball tight in your core and don’t let anyone take it.

When you are playing out of the triple threat it is important to know how to pivot and be strong with the basketball. You don’t want to stand straight up or turn your back to the basket. Always be a threat to score and if the defender is going to overpressure you then make them pay by driving the basketball past them. If you continue to let the defender gamble and pressure you without any consequences then they are going to do it the whole game. Another great way to get space (if you haven’t used your dribble yet) is to jab at the defender. Make the defender respect your drive and they will back up to give you space.

If you are dribbling the basketball and a defender is closely guarding you then you must be careful of a 5 second call. Once you get space from the defender the 5 second close guard rule is broken, also picking up the ball breaks the 5 second count. You don’t always want to have to resort to picking the basketball up to break the count so you need to use what is called a retreat dribble. What you are going to do is get your body into the defender and then quickly retreat dribble backwards to break the count. If they rush at you after you have retreated then you can use their momentum of coming at you against themselves and dribble past them. Make sure that on the retreat dribble you know where the half court line is and don’t get a backcourt violation.

Hopefully with these tricks you can learn how to create space from your defender. Play with confidence and don’t be afraid to mess up and you will give yourself a big advantage. Doing this will allow you to step up your game and really become a better player on the offensive end.

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