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Tampa Basketball Drills

What Are The Right Basketball Drills?

Getting to the gym and finding time to work on your game is just part of the battle. You aren’t going to get better by just going to the gym. It is what happens in the gym once you get there that makes you a better basketball player. A big part of that is finding the right basketball drills to do, and spending quality time working on your game.

With the internet today and the access to free information, you can find thousands of basketball drills within a relatively short period of time. The question though is, “which drills are best for me, and are going to help me achieve my goals?” The answer to this question is going to vary depending on what you are looking to work on, and accomplish in your workouts. I am going to give you 3 tips though for finding the right basketball drills for you.

Basketball Drills By Position

The first factor that we want to consider when deciding on the right basketball drills is what position we are trying to work on. A post player is not going to have the same skill set as a point guard. There may be some overlap in the drills that they do, but overall they are going to be training for a different skill set.

So figure out what type of position you are going to play, and then pick drills that are going to help you master that position. If you are not sure of what type of skills each position should be working on, check out this brief cheat sheet of skills by position.

Basketball Drills For Point Guards

  • Ball Handling: Must be able to handle pressure and create scoring opportunities for themselves and teammates.

  • Scoring Opportunities: Use ball screens to create an advantage off of the dribble. Must be able to make an open shot if the defense helps off.

Drills For Wing Players

  • Ball Handling: Must be able to handle the ball to relieve pressure and create off of the dribble.

  • Shooting: Must be able to catch and shoot well.

  • Scoring Opportunities: Hard cuts, off ball screens, ball screens, and transition.


Post Player Basketball Drills:

  • Ball Handling: Is not going to be used much, but still needs to be able to handle the basketball some.

  • Shooting: Should be able to catch and shoot at least out to 15 feet.

  • Scoring Opportunities: Posting up on the block or midrange area, setting screens and then reacting to score, dump offs from guard penetration, and offensive rebounds.

Weaknesses Vs. Strengths

Every player is going to have certain things that they are good at, and some things that they are weaker at. So the next thing that you have to decide on is how much time you are going to spend working on your weaknesses compared to your strengths.

My recommendation is that in the off season you spend more time working on weaknesses, but as the season approaches or you are in season. You need to be spending your time making sure that your strengths are as sharp as they can be.

Game Realistic Basketball Drills

There isn’t a player out there that doesn’t like to practice end of clock situations where they need to make an incredible shot to win the game. Unfortunately though these situations rarely happen during the course of a game. So it doesn’t make sense to spend a majority of time working on isolation 1 on 1 moves. You want to work on game realistic moves that you are going to get throughout the course of a game (look at breakdown above). It is okay to spend some time working on isolation moves because you may need to use one someday and you need to be ready, but don’t spend all of your time on them.  If you are looking for an expert to help you find the right drills and get you feedback on your execution of them, contact Tampa Youth Basketball trainer Kyle Ohman.

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