Tampa Youth Basketball Trainer Kyle OhmanTampa Youth Basketball Players…

face many obstacles and talented challengers for playing time, roster spots and eventually even scholarship opportunities.  Let me share my path in hopes that it breathes life into the dreams of Tampa youth basketball players training to become the best they can be.

My story is not the traditional college basketball experience and even though it had its tough times I wouldn’t trade it for another one. Being able to go from not making the team my first year and playing intramurals, to a walk on, and then my senior year being ranked the 19th best shooter in the country and scoring over 1,000 points is not something that a lot of people can say they have done. Having gone through that experience has really helped me as a basketball player and a person. It has also put me in the situation to give advice to countless players around the country and world that may not have the big time schools knocking down their doors but still believe that they can play at the next level. So here is my story and a few tips that you can use if you find yourself in a similar situation.

In high school I led my team in scoring averaging around 27 a game my junior and senior year but I went to a small private school and I never played AAU in the summer. I never really got any recognition or any scholarship offers but I still wanted to play Division 1 basketball. So after I graduated high school I decided to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. They had tryouts in the fall so I practiced and worked out to get ready for them. I made the final 3 but I didn’t make the team that semester. I could’ve easily given up and moved onto something else but I decided to keep working out and play intramurals in the meantime. During the spring semester after the teams season was over I started playing pick up with the players and I started to get some recognition from the coaches. I met with the head coach and he said that I could start working out with the team and before I left to go home for the summer I had made the team for the next season as a walk on.

The following year started out with a lot of promise and I was really excited about being on the team but I wasn’t satisfied with just being on the team. I wanted to play and contribute to the team. I felt like I was good enough to play and did really well in practice but I still only played in maybe 5 games the whole year and only for a couple of minutes each time. I was completely frustrated and I was thinking about transferring to a smaller NAIA school to play instead. Around this time the head coach got fired and a new coach came in. The new coach came in and said that he didn’t care what any player had done before but that he was going to give everyone a clean slate and it was up to them to prove themselves, this is exactly what I needed.

I decided to stay at Liberty and the following year I was still a walk on but I starting playing more minutes and by the end of the year I was actually starting as a sophomore. That year I ended up shooting 42% from behind the 3 point line and in the first round of the conference tournament I hit seven 3’s in one game. The next year I became a scholarship player and had even more success as a player starting every game and hitting over a hundred 3’s in one year. Going into my senior year I was ranked the 19th best shooter in the country by Fox Sports and had a pretty good year despite sitting out 6 games with a broken wrist. I have also been fortunate enough to play professionally in Europe.

At numerous times in my basketball career I could’ve believed someone that said I wasn’t good enough or given up because things weren’t going my way. I didn’t though and I was able to accomplish what I did. You may be in a similar situation or not but here are 3 tips that might help you either way.

  • Don’t listen to the critics or the fans. There are going to be people that say you can do it and there are going to be those that tell you that you can’t, it is up to you though.
  • Continue to get better. If you told me that I wasn’t good enough then I was going to get in the gym and work my butt off to prove that you were wrong. Don’t ever get satisfied with your abilities and always continue to get better.
  • Don’t be afraid to take your shot. Take a risk and go after something that you want. Too many players sit back and are scared to really go for what they want. They will never know if they could’ve done it or not. Why not you?

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