Knockout Boxing Gloves Choose A Pair That Is Right for You

If you want to throw a heavy punch when at the gym, you need an excellent pair of boxing gloves. This way, you can protect your knuckles, fingers and the rest of your hand from potential damage that could keep you out of the ring for a while.

The same with boxing protective apparel,top boxing gloves need to fit the wearer well or they’ll be bad for the hands. Too large, and the glove will move around unnecessarily and potentially cause pain when the padding isn’t where it needs to be as the punch lands. Too small, and your hand will be continually compressed, ache and cause potential compression or bone injuries over time when wearing them too long.

  • Measurements:- Boxing gloves are measured in their ounce weight rather than based on a small, medium, large and x-large sizing. As such, you’ll see gloves advertised as 6oz for 6-ounce weight or a 12-ounce glove that weight 12 ounces.boxing fight

The idea here is that a 6-ounce glove is naturally smaller because it will have a reasonable amount of foam padding inside the leather outer and this way, an increasing amount depending on the glove size. Therefore, you won’t find a 12-ounce glove worth of foam padding stuffed inside a 6-ounce glove! It wouldn’t fit and would burst at the seams when hitting anything even lightly. The bane of a training boxer’s life is a split glove, which is another reason why the ounces selected must match the right size so that everything is in balance.

With the actual measurements, you want to note down your current weight in pounds, your height in feet and inches, and the full circumference with your best boxing hand. Use a scale and some tape to check your measurements properly. Measure the hand below the knuckle line with the hand open palm to get the correct measurement. With these measurements, you have a useful guide to double check that what ounce boxing glove you think will be right is going to be a good fit for your hands.

  • Thumb Support/Guard :- With a boxing glove, you’ll have a thumb support or thumb guard that protects the thumb from being injured when the rest of the clenched fist is pummeling the heavy bag or an opponent in an aggressive sparring session. Weaker padding for the thumb section is a bad point with inexpensive gloves that is something to both look out for and avoid.
  • Getting What You Pay For :- Getting what you paid for is important if you’re serious about the boxing profession and attend the gym regularly. Cheaper, ill-fitting gloves don’t last many weeks before they split open. Then you’re having to sew them up and hope that holds or tape them up which looks tacky.

With a quality set of gloves, one that is unlikely to break on you, you’ll want more than one set to let the recently used one(s) air out. If you’re trying to be cheap with an inexpensive pair from a basic brand, they likely won’t always hold up too much punishment and you’ll be forced to keep a spare pair on-hand just in case.

Tampa Basketball Trainer – How to Find a Great One


Looking For A Tampa Basketball Trainer?

Just like finding the right tool to do a job makes all the difference, so does having the right Tampa basketball trainer. You want someone that is going to be able to teach you the best way to get to where you are trying to go. It is not only important that the trainer knows the game of basketball, but that they are also able to communicate it to the player. It doesn’t matter how well a trainer can do a move or know how to do a move, if they can’t teach it to the player that they are training.

So how do you find the right trainer for you? With so many different trainers out there claiming to be “experts” it is important that you really know what you are looking for. Here are 3 tips that you can use when looking for a basketball trainer.

Tampa Basketball Trainer Tip # 1: Must be Knowledgeable

Any basketball trainer can watch a drill on Youtube and then have a player repeat it, but that doesn’t mean that the move or the drill is being taught the correct way, or that the player is really learning the details of the move. For example, during a shooting drill the trainer needs to be able to teach the player the details of shooting; down ready, show the hands, jump straight up and down, hold follow through, etc. If they aren’t able to do this, they could be hurting the player more than helping them, because they are going to be reinforcing bad habits.

Tampa Basketball Trainer Tip # 2:  Is Able to Motivate

It is key that the trainer is able to motivate and get the best from the player. A big part of coaching and training is being able to maximize a player’s ability, and get more out of them than they even thought they could give. Part of this is holding the player accountable and requiring their best, but it also involves making the workout fun and interesting for the player. It can’t be the same drills every single time, or the player will get bored and lose interest. Great trainers are able to keep the material fresh and challenging, which will keep the player highly motivated and ready to work and get better.

Tampa Basketball Trainer Tip # 3:  Develops the Players Basketball IQ

Basketball is a thinking game, and the best players are not only skilled, but they understand the game. Players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant are extremely skilled, but they also understand where they are going to get a great shot on the floor, how to set a teammate up, etc. This stuff is all learned and developed, just like any other basketball skill. So make sure that your trainer knows how to teach the player the correct way to play the game. This will go a long way in determining how high of a level the player will be able to play at.

I want to be your Tampa Basketball Trainer.  Call me!!

Tampa Youth Basketball and Stretching

Basketball and Stretching


If you are younger Tampa youth basketball player you are probably not really concerned about stretching on a regular basis. You probably think to yourself, “stretching is for older people, I am still young.” Well what if I told you that stretching can make you jump higher, run faster, and be overall more athletic? Well it can! It also helps prevent injury, speeds up recovery time, and helps lessen soreness.

I am sure that you are starting to have a little bit of a different outlook on stretching now. With all the positive effects of stretching you would have to be crazy not to spend time stretching on a regular basis. However now that you know the importance of stretching in basketball, you may not know the correct way to stretch, or how long you should stretch for. That is why I am going to provide you with a few stretching pointers that you can use to help you become a better basketball player.

Primary Types of Stretching for Tampa Youth Basketball Players

There are two primary types of stretching that you are going to use as a player. One is dynamic stretching and the other is static stretching. Dynamic stretching involves moving your joints and muscles as you stretch, and this should be done before activity. This will help to prevent injuries by loosening up your muscles and getting them warmed up. Static stretching is done after an event, and is great for improving flexibility. This will help your muscles recover quicker and also help to prevent injuries as well.

If you are like me than when you read the first paragraph all you saw was, “stretching will help make you more athletic” and that is why you have continued to read this article. Well here is how stretching will help your athleticism. Most players struggle with flexibility in their hips and core body area and that means that they are not able to get low before jumping, or move quickly laterally. Your body needs to be able to load before making an explosive movement, but if you are not able to load the correct way your movement will be slower and less effective. Being able to stretch your legs, hips, back, etc. will all help with this, but you must be willing to do it on a regular basis. Start out with just 10 minutes of static stretching a day, outside of before or after an event, and then go from there.

If you haven’t stretched on a regular basis for a while, you most likely will not be very flexible at first, but that is okay. As you begin to stretch regularly your flexibility will start to improve and you will notice the difference that it makes. You will start to see the payoff and benefits of stretching.



Tampa Youth Basketball & Off-season Attitude

Heading into your Tampa Youth Basketball off season you need to lay out a plan that will help shape you as a basketball player and put you in the right mindset to have you succeeding during the season. There are countless basketball players out there that let the crucial time of the off-season pass them by and then end up on the bench during the season. If you talk to college basketball players or professional basketball players they will tell you they let their bodies recover for a week or so after the season and then they get right back at the grind of improvement. Almost all successful basketball players never get out of shape. They are in the gym getting up shots, in the weight room working on explosiveness, or many now take yoga to improve their flexibility.

To improve over the offseason you need to be willing to practice and play outside your comfort zone. To see improvements athletes need to find coaches and trainers that can work with them at least 2-3 days a week. These trainers need to be able to understand where the athlete was last season and what they need to improve upon the next season. They also need to be able to push athletes outside their comfort zone in order build confidence in the new skills being learned.

Look to build and improve your athleticism. You want to be stronger, quicker, and more resilient to injury. By attending offseason strength and conditioning workouts through your school or through a certified professional you will build tools needed to elevate your game. Improve explosiveness, flexibility, and strength will allow you to use skills you learn to their full potential.

As an athlete looking to improve during the offseason you need to find new situations that challenge you and allow you the opportunity to use the new skills you are practicing. Look for opportunities to play in games that have talent that is above the level you played at last season. This can be rec leagues, against the varsity team, and probably the best choice is finding the best pickup games in your area. Female basketball players should look to play against boys on a regular basis. When you play against better competition you cannot let frustration get the best of you. Remain competitive and understand that by playing against superior competition you will improve and learn from it.

In the offseason as an athlete you must have a mindset there will be setbacks and days when you don’t want to go to the strength and conditioning workout at 8 a.m. but you need to. Your friends may be begging you to go out with them and enjoy your summer but you will have to decide is that more important or is getting 500 shots up that day more important?  Are you going to be dedicated to your game or are you going to let the precious time you get in the offseason slip away?  Tampa Youth Basketball players need to have an attitude that is open to constructive criticism and has a belief that all of your efforts will pay off.

Tampa Basketball Training & Being Hard To Guard

Basketball Training & Being Hard To Guard

Training To Be Hard To Guard

Every Tampa Youth basketball player wants to be a better scorer, and learn how to take over a game. As a scorer though you should always aim to be as efficient as you can with your shooting. There are going to be nights where you don’t shoot well, but a huge part of your shooting percentage is going to be determined by the quality of the shots that you are taking. This article is going to teach you some great tips and tricks for being hard to guard, and ultimately how to get yourself a high percentage shot.

Train and Play at Different Speeds

A lot of players think that if they go as fast as they can they are hard to guard, but this is not exactly true.Most of the professional player follow these pro basketball training program for improve their basketball skills. This strategy actually makes you easier to guard sometimes. You are probably thinking I am crazy right about now, but let me explain.

When a player goes as fast as they can, they are consistently at the same speed. This makes them predictable, and therefore easier to guard. The defense is also engaged and ready to guard, because they recognize that the offensive player is trying to make a move past them.

The better way to do this is to change up your speeds. You want to get the defender off balance by going from slow to fast, and back and forth. From here the defender is at your mercy.

Train to Become Multi-Dimensional

There are going to be areas of your game that are stronger than others, but you still need to be well balanced and able to score in multiple ways. For example, if you can only catch and shoot, the defense is going to play you tight and force you to dribble. However, if you are also able to make a move off of the dribble, you can exploit the defense for over playing you. Don’t be a one dimensional player, but learn to score in a variety of different ways.

Train to Read the Defense

Great offensive players are able to read the defense and take what is being given. So before you go to make your move, read the defense and figure out how your defender and the help defense is guarding you. By figuring these two things out you, will find out what moves are available to use. This takes a lot of practice and learning to quickly read the defense, but it will add a lot of value to your game once you master it.

Score Within the Offense

Depending on what position you play this will look different, but it is important that you learn how to score within your teams offense. It could be using a ball screen, a hard cut, setting a screen and opening up, etc. These are going to be your best chances to score, and are usually going to be a lot higher percentage shot then trying to score on your own. It is important that you do your best to take advantage of these opportunities.  A qualified basketball trainer can help Tampa Youth basketball players become hard to guard.  Let me help you ignite your game and become “hard to guard.”

Tampa Youth Basketball Dribbling Drills

Tampa Youth Basketball Dribbling Drills

Tampa Basketball Dribbling Drills

If you are not an elite point guard there is a good chance that you have a deficiency in your ball handling. It may be dribbling with your eyes down, not being able to dribble with your off hand as well, struggling with making different combo moves, etc. Each player is going struggle with something different, and it is going to take different types of dribbling drills to fix each type of problem. There will be some overlap in which drills will be able to help fix a certain problem, but there are definitely specific types of dribbling drills that work better at fixing a particular problem.

This article is going to give you 4 different types of dribbling drills that you can use to turn yourself into an elite level ball handler. These drills will change your game if you are willing to put the work in.

Each type of drill will come with an explanation of what it primarily works on, and from there you will be able to decide what drills you need to be doing. Don’t shy away from your weaknesses, but target them, and turn them into strengths.

One Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills

One ball basketball dribbling drills are probably the most common type of dribbling drill that players do, but it is important to focus on a couple different keys when doing these drills. Firstly, you want to really work on selling your move. So whether it is a crossover, between the legs move, etc. you want visualize a defender in front of you, and sell the move that you are practicing. You do that with your eyes, body position, and change of pace. Secondly, you want to keep your eyes up and make sure that you are seeing the floor. Great ball handlers are able to make their move, while also seeing the floor.

  • Works on selling moves
  • Develop quick hands

In the Box Basketball Dribbling Drill

Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills

Two ball drills are great for working on both hands at the sametime. This is good because it maximizes your time in the gym, but it also forces you to dribble with your off hand. The player doesn’t have the ability to switch the ball to their strong hand because there is already a basketball there. A big key to doing two ball dribbling drills though, is making sure that you are going full speed, and pushing yourself to get better. Don’t worry about messing up or losing the ball during the drills. The goal is to make yourself go so fast and hard that you mess up.

  • Maximizes time by working on both hands at the same time
  • Forces the player to develop their weak hand

Follow the Leader

Tennis Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills

Tennis ball dribbling drills are great to use for ball handlers that struggle to keep their eyes up while dribbling. The reason why, is because tossing and catching the tennis ball each time forces the player to keep their eyes up off the basketball. Before they know it, they begin dribbling the ball naturally with their eyes up. These drills are also great to develop a players hand quickness and their hand eye coordination. By tossing the tennis ball in the air you only have a set amount of time to make the move and then catch the tennis ball again. The coordination comes from having to dribble the basketball while also tossing and catching the tennis ball.

  • Works on dribbling with eyes up
  • Develops quick hands and hand eye coordination

Tennis Ball Toss Crossover Drill

Wall Basketball Dribbling Drills

Wall basketball dribbling drills are obviously never going to be used during the course of a game because they are on a wall, but they are really good for developing hand strength and ball control. This will translate into being able to handle the basketball better on the court, and make better moves against your defender. Just as with the two ball dribbling drills though, you really need to work on dribbling the ball as hard as you can for every drill.

  • Builds up hand strength
  • Develops ball control

Author Bio

This article was written by Tampa Youth Basketball Trainer Kyle Ohman. Kyle Ohman was a thousand point scorer at Liberty University (div. 1), was ranked the 19th best shooter in the country by Fox Sports his senior year. Kyle has also played professionally in Spain. Most recently he coached a high school team that played on a national level and beat the 12th ranked team in the nation. Coach Ohman is the Co-Owner and founder of

Tampa: Who Is Your Favorite Basketball Player?

Favorite basketball player

Who is your Favorite Player?

Who is your favorite basketball player? Do you have one? If you don’t, you should seek to get one as soon as you can. Why? Tampa Youth Basketball players watching their  favorite players can inspire and inform your youth basketball gamer. For example, when I was a kid my favorite player was Grant Hill. He was an athletic small forward who rebounded and passed well. Looking to emulate him he was the reason I developed a mid range jump shot, because he was so effective with it.

If you’re a young player looking to develop your game, here are some NBA players you might look to model and what you can take from them. Learn to love one or two of these guys and appreciate what you can learn from watching them.

Point Guards

John Wall – attacking in transition, driving and kicking

Chris Paul – ball handling ability, playing the passing lanes defensively

Tony Parker – playing off of the pick and roll, mid range jump shooting

Russell Westbrook – defensive intensity

There are many different types of point guards. If you’re a more cerebral point guard, watch how Chris Paul and Tony Parker utilize quickness and ball handling to get themselves open and to drive and kick to teammates. They are also both expert at the pick and roll. John Wall is a good example of an athletic point guard playing under control as he pushes the pace. Russell Westbrook is one of the most dynamic guards in the league, and he is an example of how a point guard can use his athleticism and motor to change the game on both ends of the floor.

Shooting Guards

James Harden – using the pick and roll to score, changing pace with the basketball

Dwyane Wade – efficient scoring, perimeter defense

Monta Ellis – utilizing speed to score, midrange game

Klay Thompson – using shooting ability to score

There are shooting guards who primarily slash, and there are guards who primarily utilize shooting. Dwyane Wade and Monta Ellis are good examples of quality slashing guards, while Klay Thompson and James Harden are guards who can really shoot the basketball. James Harden and Monta Ellis are also good examples of hybrid guards that can operate as primary ball handlers and be effective using the pick and roll.

Small Forwards

Lebron James – finishing in transition, driving to the basket

Carmelo Anthony – isolation scoring, rebounding

Kevin Durant – shooting from distance, shooting off screens

Paul George – middle game, perimeter defense

Small forwards are do-it-all players, with both guard and big man responsibilities. The best small forwards in the league are great at multiple things. Watch Lebron James to see a player who runs the break with and without the ball very, very effectively. He’s also an expert passer. Carmelo Anthony is a forward you can watch score from all three levels in the half court – perimeter shooting, driving from the perimeter and posting up. Kevin Durant is a great example of how a shooting small forward can be very, very effective. Paul George is a forward you can watch to get tips on defending elite scorers.

Power Forwards

Kevin Love – rebounding, scoring on the pick and pop

Blake Griffin – creative scoring from the face-up, running the floor

Lamarcus Aldridge – catching and shooting inside the 3 point line, contested shooting

Al Jefferson – post scoring

The power forward is currently a strong position in the NBA, with many players you can learn from. Kevin Love is an expert rebounder that you can learn from if you are looking to be a glass eater. He is also skilled at finding a way to get open 3 point shots off of pick and roll and dribble handoff plays. Blake Griffin is a player you can watch score creatively from the face-up as well as knock down the face up jumper, and Big Al is a player you can watch score creatively and effectively with his back to the basket. Lamarcus Aldridge can also score from the post but is an expert catch and shoot player from inside the 3 point line. All four of these guys are good players to watch be effective on the offensive end while also holding their big man responsibility on the glass, as they are all in the 20-10 club of scoring and rebounding.


Dwight Howard – rim protection, offensive rebounding

Joakim Noah – big man defense, passing from the high post

Deandre Jordan – finishing on the pick and roll, rebounding

Demarcus Cousins – scoring as a Center

There are some good centers in today’s game, and the top centers all have different styles. Dwight Howard and Deandre Jordan are players you can watch both block shots and roll hard to the rim on the pick and roll. Dwight also shows you how you can generate extra points from offensive rebounding. Joakim Noah is a great center to watch run his team’s offense from inside the 3 point line. He is a great big man passer. And Demarcus Cousins is a player you can watch be a primary offensive option from the center position in today’s game.

If you don’t have a favorite player yet, any of these players is a great option for you. From watching these guys, you can learn a lot about your position and grow as a player. Have fun watching and learning!

Basketball Shooting Training

Tampa Basketball Shooting Training

Improving your Shooting with Tampa Youth Basketball

Unless you never miss a shot when you play basketball you can improve your shooting. It is important that at whatever level you play at, you are always looking to improve.

Being a good or even great shooter has a lot to do with details, and with Tampa basketball training we are extremely keyed in on teaching these details. If you can master the details of shooting, you will really see your shooting percentage increase. That is why we have created a list of shooting tips that will help you improve your shooting.

Tampa Youth Basketball Shooting Tips

Shot preparation is going to be the first area that we talk about, and it is comprised of 3 things that you should be doing as the ball comes to you. These 3 areas will help to set you up for a great shot.

  1. Drop your butt: In order for you to get lift on your shot, you need to be low and in an athletic stance when you catch the ball.
  2. Show your hands: This will help give the passer a target to hit, and it will also help you with catching the ball. You want to catch the ball with your wrist cocked and in shooting position.
  3. Momentum to the basket: When you catch the the ball you want to be stepping or hopping into your shot. This is really important as you move out further from the basket.

Now that you have caught ball the right way, we are going to talk about the shot. You have already done all the prep work, so now it is time to execute a great shot.

  1. Jump straight up and down: It is important that on your shot you are staying balanced and jumping straight up and down, or slightly forward (unless it is a game situation shot where you are fading on purpose).
  2. Straight up your body: As you bring the ball up, you want to bring it in a straight line up your body. This will help to eliminate variables in your shot. You want a consistent and clean shot every time.

The final part of your shot is the release and follow through. This is important, and like all the other parts of your shot, the details really matter.

  1. Elbow above eye: When you shoot the ball you want to make sure that your elbow is finishing above your eye. This will show you that you are getting the right arc on the shot.
  2. Snap your wrist: The snapping of the wrist allows for great backspin and touch on the shot.
  3. Follow through: Even though the ball has left your hands already, it is important that you stay in your shot until you make or miss your shot.

These are the primary shooting details that we cover on a regular basis at Tampa Youth Basketball, and they are great for any level of shooter to work on. It is important that you not only work hard, but work smart when you are in the gym, and these tips will help you do that.  If you are ready to commit to a quality basketball shooting coach and working on your shot, please contact us!  If you don’t live in Tampa and want some online basketball drills focused on shooting, check out

Tampa Basketball Training Philosophy

Our Tampa Basketball Training Philosophy
Not every player is given the same skill set or is designed for the exact same role on a team. Tampa Youth Basketball is designed to give each player specific basketball training that is going to help them become the best player that they can be. Our expert coaching and training will take all of the guess work out of your training, and help every player reach their full potential.

Tampa Basketball Trainer Bio

mens-basketball-action-kyleohmanTampa Basketball Trainer Kyle Ohman

When looking for a Tampa basketball trainer it is important that you look at the experience of the coach, and make sure that they are basketball experts. Just as you wouldn’t take your car to someone that doesn’t know anything about cars, you don’t want to take a player to someone that is not a basketball expert. We stand behind our experience and our claim to be basketball experts, and we invite you to come find out why.

Basketball Playing Experience

Kyle Ohman played college basketball at Liberty University (Division 1) where he was a 1,000 point scorer, and ranked the 19th best shooter in the country his senior year by Fox Sports. Along with a standout college basketball career, he also played professionally overseas in Europe.

Basketball Coaching Experience

Coach Ohman has trained players of all skill levels and ages including division 1 level athletes and professionals. He has also coached high school basketball at the national level where his team beat the 12th ranked team in the country.

Basketball Thought Leadership and Learning Commitment

Tampa-Basketball-Training-WebsiteKyle is also the co-founder of the internationally acclaimed basketball training. He has also runs skill development camps all over the world, most recently Israel.  Over 50,000 visitors per month visit Kyle and his team at Basketball HQ to learn skill development and the world’s most advanced basketball training.  Now you can learn from Kyle right here in Tampa!

Call Tampa Basketball Trainer Kyle Ohman today to get your basketball training off to an amazing start!