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Tampa Basketball Shooting Training

Improving your Shooting with Tampa Youth Basketball

Unless you never miss a shot when you play basketball you can improve your shooting. It is important that at whatever level you play at, you are always looking to improve.

Being a good or even great shooter has a lot to do with details, and with Tampa basketball training we are extremely keyed in on teaching these details. If you can master the details of shooting, you will really see your shooting percentage increase. That is why we have created a list of shooting tips that will help you improve your shooting.

Tampa Youth Basketball Shooting Tips

Shot preparation is going to be the first area that we talk about, and it is comprised of 3 things that you should be doing as the ball comes to you. These 3 areas will help to set you up for a great shot.

  1. Drop your butt: In order for you to get lift on your shot, you need to be low and in an athletic stance when you catch the ball.
  2. Show your hands: This will help give the passer a target to hit, and it will also help you with catching the ball. You want to catch the ball with your wrist cocked and in shooting position.
  3. Momentum to the basket: When you catch the the ball you want to be stepping or hopping into your shot. This is really important as you move out further from the basket.

Now that you have caught ball the right way, we are going to talk about the shot. You have already done all the prep work, so now it is time to execute a great shot.

  1. Jump straight up and down: It is important that on your shot you are staying balanced and jumping straight up and down, or slightly forward (unless it is a game situation shot where you are fading on purpose).
  2. Straight up your body: As you bring the ball up, you want to bring it in a straight line up your body. This will help to eliminate variables in your shot. You want a consistent and clean shot every time.

The final part of your shot is the release and follow through. This is important, and like all the other parts of your shot, the details really matter.

  1. Elbow above eye: When you shoot the ball you want to make sure that your elbow is finishing above your eye. This will show you that you are getting the right arc on the shot.
  2. Snap your wrist: The snapping of the wrist allows for great backspin and touch on the shot.
  3. Follow through: Even though the ball has left your hands already, it is important that you stay in your shot until you make or miss your shot.

These are the primary shooting details that we cover on a regular basis at Tampa Youth Basketball, and they are great for any level of shooter to work on. It is important that you not only work hard, but work smart when you are in the gym, and these tips will help you do that.  If you are ready to commit to a quality basketball shooting coach and working on your shot, please contact us!  If you don’t live in Tampa and want some online basketball drills focused on shooting, check out