Knockout Boxing Gloves Choose A Pair That Is Right for You

If you want to throw a heavy punch when at the gym, you need an excellent pair of boxing gloves. This way, you can protect your knuckles, fingers and the rest of your hand from potential damage that could keep you out of the ring for a while.

The same with boxing protective apparel,top boxing gloves need to fit the wearer well or they’ll be bad for the hands. Too large, and the glove will move around unnecessarily and potentially cause pain when the padding isn’t where it needs to be as the punch lands. Too small, and your hand will be continually compressed, ache and cause potential compression or bone injuries over time when wearing them too long.

  • Measurements:- Boxing gloves are measured in their ounce weight rather than based on a small, medium, large and x-large sizing. As such, you’ll see gloves advertised as 6oz for 6-ounce weight or a 12-ounce glove that weight 12 ounces.boxing fight

The idea here is that a 6-ounce glove is naturally smaller because it will have a reasonable amount of foam padding inside the leather outer and this way, an increasing amount depending on the glove size. Therefore, you won’t find a 12-ounce glove worth of foam padding stuffed inside a 6-ounce glove! It wouldn’t fit and would burst at the seams when hitting anything even lightly. The bane of a training boxer’s life is a split glove, which is another reason why the ounces selected must match the right size so that everything is in balance.

With the actual measurements, you want to note down your current weight in pounds, your height in feet and inches, and the full circumference with your best boxing hand. Use a scale and some tape to check your measurements properly. Measure the hand below the knuckle line with the hand open palm to get the correct measurement. With these measurements, you have a useful guide to double check that what ounce boxing glove you think will be right is going to be a good fit for your hands.

  • Thumb Support/Guard :- With a boxing glove, you’ll have a thumb support or thumb guard that protects the thumb from being injured when the rest of the clenched fist is pummeling the heavy bag or an opponent in an aggressive sparring session. Weaker padding for the thumb section is a bad point with inexpensive gloves that is something to both look out for and avoid.
  • Getting What You Pay For :- Getting what you paid for is important if you’re serious about the boxing profession and attend the gym regularly. Cheaper, ill-fitting gloves don’t last many weeks before they split open. Then you’re having to sew them up and hope that holds or tape them up which looks tacky.

With a quality set of gloves, one that is unlikely to break on you, you’ll want more than one set to let the recently used one(s) air out. If you’re trying to be cheap with an inexpensive pair from a basic brand, they likely won’t always hold up too much punishment and you’ll be forced to keep a spare pair on-hand just in case.