Tampa Basketball Training Pricing & Options

tempa training pricing

Personalized Tampa Basketball Training for Small Groups

Our small group training is going to consist of 2-6 players at a time and each session will last for around 1 hour. We like to keep our small groups under 6 players at a time because it allows individual attention for each player, but it also promotes a healthy atmosphere of competition during the lesson. The cost per session for small group training is $30 per player.  Small group training is often the preferred method of training for NBA players.  Learning the how and why of a skill, watching a demonstration, then trying the skill, and finally trying a skill under defensive pressure with an elevated heart rate allows players to maximize training, reps, and pressure.

1 on 1 Tampa Basketball Training

With 1 on 1 training the player is going to be able to get the trainers complete focus for the entire workout. This will allow for more teaching points and critiquing of the details with the player. Depending on the player this may work better than small group training. The cost per session for 1 on 1 basketball training is $50.  We recommend private training for a first appointment so we can get to know each other better, for players in a rut, for a very specific skill needed ASAP, players rehabbing an injury, and for those too sensitive to start in a group.