Tampa Basketball Training & Being Hard To Guard

Basketball Training & Being Hard To Guard

Training To Be Hard To Guard

Every Tampa Youth basketball player wants to be a better scorer, and learn how to take over a game. As a scorer though you should always aim to be as efficient as you can with your shooting. There are going to be nights where you don’t shoot well, but a huge part of your shooting percentage is going to be determined by the quality of the shots that you are taking. This article is going to teach you some great tips and tricks for being hard to guard, and ultimately how to get yourself a high percentage shot.

Train and Play at Different Speeds

A lot of players think that if they go as fast as they can they are hard to guard, but this is not exactly true.Most of the professional player follow these pro basketball training program for improve their basketball skills. This strategy actually makes you easier to guard sometimes. You are probably thinking I am crazy right about now, but let me explain.

When a player goes as fast as they can, they are consistently at the same speed. This makes them predictable, and therefore easier to guard. The defense is also engaged and ready to guard, because they recognize that the offensive player is trying to make a move past them.

The better way to do this is to change up your speeds. You want to get the defender off balance by going from slow to fast, and back and forth. From here the defender is at your mercy.

Train to Become Multi-Dimensional

There are going to be areas of your game that are stronger than others, but you still need to be well balanced and able to score in multiple ways. For example, if you can only catch and shoot, the defense is going to play you tight and force you to dribble. However, if you are also able to make a move off of the dribble, you can exploit the defense for over playing you. Don’t be a one dimensional player, but learn to score in a variety of different ways.

Train to Read the Defense

Great offensive players are able to read the defense and take what is being given. So before you go to make your move, read the defense and figure out how your defender and the help defense is guarding you. By figuring these two things out you, will find out what moves are available to use. This takes a lot of practice and learning to quickly read the defense, but it will add a lot of value to your game once you master it.

Score Within the Offense

Depending on what position you play this will look different, but it is important that you learn how to score within your teams offense. It could be using a ball screen, a hard cut, setting a screen and opening up, etc. These are going to be your best chances to score, and are usually going to be a lot higher percentage shot then trying to score on your own. It is important that you do your best to take advantage of these opportunities.  A qualified basketball trainer can help Tampa Youth basketball players become hard to guard.  Let me help you ignite your game and become “hard to guard.”